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20 (Hatachi) Review
December 31, 2008

20 (Hatachi) – Kamei Eri’s 7th Photobook

Rating – 10/10

Favorite Picture

I love this. I think it’s tied with Maple for her best photobook. Although I find some of the shots to be a bit distasteful, there are some really nice shots in here and the girl is beautiful. How is it possible to be that perfect looking? I’m jealous T_T Though out the book, there are some bikini pictures, a lot more than normal, I guess to tell everyone that she’s getting older. And the other pictures are just some pretty random ones, the one I liked a lot is where she’s wearing a winter coat, very cute.The few with her in a kimono is also very nice. Very nice photobook, a lot better than I expected. You can find the book on the Hello! Online tracker if you’re interested.


20 and 20 Dreams Covers
December 18, 2008

Below are the covers for Kamei Eri’s new DVD 20 Dreams and her new photobook 20.

Are these releases even related? Lol. I like 20 Dreams better…the photobook cover just looks a bit distasteful to be honest.

20 is being released on December 23rd while 20 Dreams is being released on January 14th.

Kamei Eri 7th Photobook + DVD
November 4, 2008

Kamei Eri is releasing her 7th photobook on December 23rd (her 20th birthday) and a DVD on January 14th. While the photobook remains untitled, the DVD is called 20 Dreams. (tentative)



Yay~ Although, I didn’t even know Eri had six photobooks already. I thought she only had like four or something. I looked at wikitheppn and I was so shocked. O_o I must not be paying attention much. Anyway, can’t wait! It’s been awhile since we had a Kame photobook.

“ERI” Cover
March 28, 2008

The cover for Kamei Eri’s new Complete Photobook Collection ERI has been released –

The photobook is being released April 1st.