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Mano Erina’s Official Debut – Otome no Inori
January 29, 2009

Hello! Project soloist Mano Erina will make her official debut with a single called Otome no Inori, to be release on March 18th.

It’s been roughly a year since she released her first indies single. Is she ready? Honestly, I can’t stand Manopiano. I have only listened to it a few times though, so I should listen to it again to see if my mind can be changed. Lucky Aura was pure genius, and she actually sounded pretty good in the vocal department. I still haven’t listened to Lalala Sososo though. I had it downloaded and like a month after it finished, I decided to listen to it, but the file was corrupt. The comments I’ve read on various forums weren’t so good though…however, I think Erina has a chance at success. Although I am not her biggest fan, I will look forward to her releases.


Mano Erina 1st Photobook
December 22, 2008

Mano Erina will release her first self titled photobook on February 10th.

I kinda wish that and 8th gen member of Morning Musume would finally get one, but this will do. I’m not a big fan of Mano but she is really cute and photogenic. I haven’t really talked about her much here, as the only song I like by her is Lucky Aura and she releases too fast. When she debuts officially, I will post about her more.

Mano Erina 1st Indies Single – Manopiano
June 19, 2008

Former Ongaku Gatas & Hello! Project Eggs member Mano Erina will be releasing her first indies single on June 29th. It is called Manopiano & will feature her playing the piano. It is only avaliable to people who attend her fan club event.



Mano Erina to Graduate From H!P Eggs & Ongaku Gatas to Become Solo Artist
March 2, 2008

16 year old Mano Erina will graduate from Hello! Project Eggs on March 29th to become a solo artist within Hello! Project. She graduated from Ongaku Gatas on their last concert tour date, which was yesterday (Japan time).

She is currently training, so we probably won’t hear anything new until summer. (I’m guessing)

Eh, she’s one of my least favorite eggs. I don’t really like her voice but I will give her a try. Apparently she’s one of the more popular eggs so hopefully she sells well. I wish she was still staying in Ongaku Gatas though.