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Love Letter and Very Reina Reviews
November 9, 2008

Here are my reviews for Michishige Sayumi and Tanaka Reina’s newest photobooks. Also, I am aware that I am VERY late for reviewing Sayu’s, sorry about that.

Love Letter – Michishige Sayumi’s 5th Photobook

Rating – 9/10

Favorite Picture

I really like this photobook! Sayu always has some really nice ones. But, some pictures are just really weird. There are a lot of shots of just her butt and stuff like that. No one else in Hello! Project usually does that kinda stuff, but I don’t know. I felt really weird looking at certain pictures. There isn’t really much else to say except that she looks beautiful, bit that goes without saying, doesn’t it?

Very Reina – Tanaka Reina’s 7th Photobook

Rating – 10/10

Favorite Picture

Love it!! I had such a hard time picking a favorite picture. Reina is just so stylish and beautiful – her outfits are really cute and her hair always looks amazing. There are also styles that are very Reina like, as in not seeing anyone else in those kind of things. I really suggest checking this out!

Both of the photobooks can be found on the Hello! Online Tracker if you are interested in viewing them.


Love Letter Cover
September 20, 2008

Above is the cover for Michishige Sayumi’s 5th photobook.

I would normally prefer a non-bikini picture for the cover, but she looks really great here!

The photobook is being released on September 26th.

Michishige Sayumi 5th Photobook
July 25, 2008

Morning Musume member Michishige Sayumi is releasing her 5th photobook on September 26th.

素朴で親しみやすい素顔や、テレビやライブでお馴染みのキュートな魅力、そして、大人っぽく、繊細で儚げ な表情などなど、写真を撮られることが大好きだという彼女が、グアムの大自然の中、自分自身のナチュラルな今の姿を披露。美しい海では彼女の白い肌が映え る白ビキニ姿、森ではピンクのドレスで妖精のように佇む姿、滝では美しい水と融合するかのようなエメラルドグリーンの水着、野球場では元気にプレイボー ル!! 他にもたくさん、透明感溢れる19歳の魅力が満載です!


Hana from the Morning Musume BBS says that it was shot in Guam. Some of it’s contents will feature Sayumi in a white bikini on the beach, a pink dress in the forest, an emerald green swimsuit under a waterfall and playing on a baseball field.

Sweet, hopefully it will be really good. All of her photobooks so far have been great.