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Natsuyaki Miyabi Scandal?
June 2, 2008

Berryz Koubou & Buono! member Natsuyaki Miyabi or someone who looks remarkably like her has been caught on tape hugging a boy & just generally being close to him. Most of you probably know that having a boyfriend when you are a Hello! Project member is “against the rules”…

Former C-ute member Murakami Megumi was fired from Hello! Project on October 31, 2006 because someone video taped her walking with a boy under an umbrella holding hands. Some people think she was fired, anyway. She could have just left because she wanted to, but who knows.

Even though Megumi was a lead singer in C-ute, she was still fired. Miyabi is a main singer is Berryz Koubou & a member of Buono! & if it is confirmed to be her, she could be fired.

I like Miyabi so I really hope the don’t do what they did to Megumi. Berryz needs her & so does Buono! – I can’t imagine anyone else in the group other than her, Momoko & Airi.

For more info, go to Hello! Online.