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New Ishikawa Rika, Miyoshi Erika, Okada Yui, Yaguchi Mari & Ogawa Makoto Artist Pictures
July 1, 2008

Five artsits from Hello! Project got an update of their profile pictures.

Ishikawa Rika, Miyoshi Erika & Okada Yui, formally known as v-u-den, now are listed under the Elder Club section with new pictures.

I really like the colors. I’m not a fan of Rika’s hairstyle & you can’t see Erika’s face enough. I really like Yui’s picture though.

EDIT – Guess they weren’t satisfied with these either.

Still don’t like Rika’s hair, Erika looks creepy as hell & Yui’s boobs = do not want.

Ogawa Makoto, who returned to Hello! Project last month, has an update too.

& lastly, Yaguchi Mari FINALLY got an update on her picture after 3 years. Maybe she’ll get something new to do?

EDIT – Weird, this one was only put up a few days ago & she already has a new one.


Ogawa Makoto Returns to Hello! Project
June 6, 2008

Ogawa Makoto Returns on Haromoni@

Former Morning Musume member Ogawa Makoto is returning to Hello! Project after taking a near 2 year break to study English in New Zealand according to this article. She will make an appearance on Morning Musume’s show, Haromoni@.

Hello! Online has posted a translation –

Back To TV After Two Years
Former Morning Musume Ogawa Makoto
TV Tokyo’s “Hello Morning”, June 8

Ogawa Makoto (20), who graduated from Morning Musume in 2006 to study abroad in New Zealand, will be making a guest appearance on TV Tokyo’s “Haromoni@” (Sunday Jun 8, 12:30pm) and restarting her show business career after nearly two years away. Having already recorded it, she says, “I want to work hard so that Satoda Mai doesn’t beat me.” While she was in Morning Musume, she “also played the part of the stupid one”, but after studying English intensively in New Zealand, she scored 730 on the TOEIC. At first, her teacher even said, “Before you start learning English, you need to study Japanese first.” During recording, she mixed up her Japanese and English a lot. “I know how Lou Oshiba must feel.”

Yay Mako!! I can’t wait to see her again!

The Return of Ogawa Makoto?
April 26, 2008

Newspaper Article

According to the newspaper article above, former Morning Musume member Ogawa Makoto will be returning to Hello! Project sometime in the summer.

Makoto graduated from Morning Musume in August 2006 to study English in New Zealand. After that, nothing much was new with her except a few pictures. She intended to return to Hello! Project someday, & it may be coming up soon!

From men0 at JPM –

Newspaper article talking about the return of Ogawa Makoto to Japan this summer and that also means she will be making a return too Hello! Project. (according to “professional entertainment authorities”)

I really hope this is true because Mako is one of my favorite all time Morning Musume members. The sad thing is that she was underused & overlooked. She had dancing talent & her singing voice was really unique & distinguishable but she never really gotten credit. If she returns she’ll probably be put into a new unit. Just hope that she doesn’t turn out like Ayaka or Kei…