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Come Together PV
August 28, 2008

The PV for Ongaku Gatas’ new single is out now.

Dohhh UP!

Hello! Online

The PV is super cute, I really like the “backstage” scenes. The dance was a bit odd, but the song isn’t really danceable. Everyone looked really good, but the one who stood out the most to me was Sengoku Minami. She looks great in this PV. And this is also the first time where I didn’t want to punch Noto Arisa in the face. I also like the outfits a lot. In the end, there was one scene were it looked like Yossy kissed Rika…

As for the song, I really don’t know what to think. It’s not bad at all, but it lacks the catchy-ness the last two singles had. Compared to the other two singles, this one is pretty bland. I overall like it, but I really cant see myself listening to it like more than twice a week or something.

By the way, their new artist photos are on the Hello! Project Official Site.

The single is being released September 10th.


Come Together Radio Rip
August 18, 2008

A radio rip for Ongaku Gatas’ third single is now out.

Come Together – Ongaku Gatas

From ampedechoz from JPM.

Also, the image posted above is the cover for the single.

I actually really like it. When I first listened to it, it sounded kinda bad, but now I’m on my third listen and it grew on me, although I don’t think it’s as good as their last two singles. And I miss Mika. T_T

The single is being released September 10th.

Ongaku Gatas 3rd Single
July 2, 2008

Ongaku Gatas will be releasing their 3rd single on September 10th.

Title: TBA
Release date: 9/10
Price: 1,050yen
商品番号 EPCE-5575
予定税込価格 1,050円
発売予定日 2008年9月10日…1&Sza_id=MM

About time, their last release was way back in February.

Mano Erina & Mutou Mika are now gone, so let’s see how this sells, as Mano was the most popular Egg in the group I believe.