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Momo no Mi Review
December 7, 2008

Momo no Mi – Tsugunaga Momoko’s 3rd Photobook

Rating – 10/10

Favorite Picture

This blows her last photobook out of the water. Every location, outfit and expression is perfect! The first set of photos has her in a yellow shirt and ruffly skirt while standing in grass that is an unnatural bright yellow-green. So cute! Everything about it screams “happy”. The next set of photos has her in a blue bikini near the water. The pictures where the girls are near or in the water are so cute, they always look like they are having fun. Next, we have Momo is a white dress near a somewhat strange place. I love the contrasting scenery in this set. After that, she is in a pink outfit, has a pink car, serving food and being all cutesy and stuff. Looks like one of those old restaurants, I love stuff like that. Now another set of bikini shots, except we have her in a black and white polka bikini and she’s near some dirty-ish water. Good thing she didn’t go in it, it would be kinda gross. O_o The she’s wearing something that you would see in Reina’s photobooks, very cute. Another cute set comes up, her in pink pajamas in the kitchen and laundry room. I love her hair in this set, it contrasts with the outfit – the outfit makes her look older and the hair makes her look younger. Following after, we have the ever-popular school uniform set. In the next set, she decides to become Airi for the day and is in a very stylish golf outfit at a golf course. There is one picture that shows her golfing, and then the next shows her with a rather distraught look on her face after being a complete failure at it, it’s so cute. Then we have her near a window in a white shirt and black shorts, a very natural and calm set. After that is the set that is portrayed on the cover, Momo is a pink bikini with some rather strange Engrish on it. Awesome, no? The last set of photos has her in a lovely green-blue dress near a beach. Although my favorite picture does not come from this set, this is my favorite. I love the calm feeling of it.

So that’s it! Easily one of the best photobooks H!P has released all year. If you are interested in viewing the whole photobook, the link in provided above.


Momo no Mi + Momo Only Covers
November 17, 2008

The covers for Tsugunaga Momoko’s new photobook and DVD are now out.

Here is the cover for her third photobook titled Momo no Mi.

When is the last time they used a non-bikini picture for the cover of a photobook? Koharu’s last photobook back in July I think? But she looks nice, she’s really cute.

Here is a preview from the book by the way.

Here is the cover for the matching DVD Momo Only.

Maybe it’s just me but her nose ruins the picture.

The photobook is being released on November 21st and the DVD is being released on December 3rd.

Tsugunaga Momoko’s Third Photobook + DVD
September 25, 2008

Tsugunaga Momoko is releasing her 3rd photobook on November 21st and some kind of DVD on December 3rd.



(It seems like every photobook being released now is getting a DVD. Nacchi, Sayumi and Reina all have one, and now Momoko)

I like Momoko a lot and her last photobook was really good, but we could use some variety. Momoko’s last photobook was released in March and it was the last H!PK photobook released since now. I was hoping Miyabi would finally get her second photobook since it’s way over due or that we get some Erika, Chinami or Maasa photobooks. It’s seriously getting really old and boring seeing Momoko, Risako, Airi and Maimi being the only H!PK getting photobooks. At least Morning Musume has more variety – while Ai-chan and Reina usually get like 2 or maybe 3 photobooks a year, all the other members (minus 8th gen) usually get one every year….

More Info on Momoko’s Photobook
March 10, 2008

The cover –

The full title is Momo16 -Momoiro-, which is a pun on her name & the color Peach (Peach = momo, Color = iro).

The photobook is being released March 19th.

Tsugunaga Momoko New Photobook
March 7, 2008

Tsugunaga Momoko from Berryz Koubou will be releasing her second photobook on March 19th, titled “Momo16”. It was shot in Guam.

Good news, for me. It’s not another Risako photobook, so I’m happy. Maasa next please!