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Yaguchi Mari Sings Again!
January 25, 2009

Former Morning Musume member Yaguchi Mari will be collaborating with Airband, who are apart of Hexagon, and will release a single sometime in March. The exact date has not yet been announced.

It’s been four years since she has been featured anything…I’m so excited! Hexagon is pretty popular, right? I don’t know much aboutit, but Satoda mai seems to be having success with it. Best of luck to Mari, and I hope this won’t be the last thing she’ll release.


New Ishikawa Rika, Miyoshi Erika, Okada Yui, Yaguchi Mari & Ogawa Makoto Artist Pictures
July 1, 2008

Five artsits from Hello! Project got an update of their profile pictures.

Ishikawa Rika, Miyoshi Erika & Okada Yui, formally known as v-u-den, now are listed under the Elder Club section with new pictures.

I really like the colors. I’m not a fan of Rika’s hairstyle & you can’t see Erika’s face enough. I really like Yui’s picture though.

EDIT – Guess they weren’t satisfied with these either.

Still don’t like Rika’s hair, Erika looks creepy as hell & Yui’s boobs = do not want.

Ogawa Makoto, who returned to Hello! Project last month, has an update too.

& lastly, Yaguchi Mari FINALLY got an update on her picture after 3 years. Maybe she’ll get something new to do?

EDIT – Weird, this one was only put up a few days ago & she already has a new one.